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Founded by Chef Lance Knowling and Chef Max Hardy, The Black Chef Series began in 2015 at Lance's Harlem, New York restaurant, Blujeen.

The series was founded to introduce the talents of African American chefs from across the country while in an intimate setting. The Black Chef Series launched with the goal of entertaining dinner guests with delectable meals that would showcase the craftsmanship of the participating chefs, and allow our guests the opportunity to learn more about each chef and his or her personal journey.

In addition to featuring notable African American chefs, the Black Chef Series is using this platform to celebrate black cuisine, ideas, creativity, and heritage. As part of its brand, The Black Chef Series makes every possible effort to collaborate with local and neighborhood venues to inspire, expand and impact our communities positively.

In a society where black chefs are rarely celebrated, The Black Chef Series is proud to celebrate the accomplishments and journey of each amazing chef!

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